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Primebid performs the auction for each individual Viewable Ad Opportunity as determined on the viewer's screen based on the user's engagement, pre-verified and presented for bidding in real time.
Primebid starts when all the transactions performed at the point of the page load are completed, enabling for Secondary Market Revenue based on the Viewable Inventory metric. Primebid provides buyers and sellers with premium quality inventory, enabled for trading based on viewable-only-ad opportunities without any "latancy" or "fold" concerns.
The Primebid Viewable-Only-Inventory Market
LIQWID Primebid initiates the bidding process at the time of the programmatically determined and reliable viewable opportunity based on the ad size and other specific complete-ad-experience criteria without any disruption to the content.
LIQWID Primebid provides a placement-level bidding auction for viewable opportunities that arise only after the page-load, enabling for Secondary Market Revenue via a Complete Automation of Advertising Inventory based on the Viewable Inventory metric.

Many think of a web page as the requested HTML document regardless of length and complexity of the rendered interactive content. But from a viewer's standpoint, a page is whatever is currently in view at a time.

As viewers scroll, even on long so called lazy-loading or infinite-scrolling pages, they are essentially turning the page to look at new content, and of course, the ads disappear as the page is scrolled (turned). This scrolling of content is what creates the all-equally-valuable viewable market opportunities. And because such opportunities are created and managed by the LIQWID Viewable Advertising Library (VAL) engine programmatically (without the use of manually-defined ad slots), the "After the Page Load" Market is based entirely on viewable-only ad opportunities for both, direct campaigns and programmatic programs. And in the programmatic space, a new bidding auction starts for each individual viewable opportunity, pre-verified in real time.

For subsequent opportunities, ads are inserted only at the time the placement opportunity is known to be in view at that time, subject to a dynamic bidding process, resulting in superior yield and revenue maximization. Publishers do not have to accept an unacceptably low price in order to fill the placement location, as there is no slot.

With LIQWID Primebid, publishers do not need "below-the-fold" (BTF) ad slots at all and are enabled for a complete automation of advertising inventory and campaign management based on viewable-only ads. By only keeping the "above-the-fold" (ATF) inventory transacting at the point of the "page load," publishers are enabled to monetize the rest of the content with ultimate effectiveness managed programmatically by LIQWID Primebid technology at the time the placement comes into view and at above-the-fold pricing.

The publisher community significantly increases the premium inventory potential while having not more than one or two ads on the screen at any given time that can be reliably managed programmatically and not subject to human error.